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1981 - The prototype of the future ZX Spectrum'a. Call it ZX82.
1982-Start of Sinclair Spectrum 16K for sale. He had a rubber keyboard, a built - Basic and 16. As an external drive used household tape. Official same day ZX-SPECTRUM birth can be seen on April 23 this year, when the official presentation of a new model of computer Sinclair Research Ltd. They have ZX-SPECTRUM and 16k and 48k.
1983 - Added Sinclair Interface and Mikrodrayv 1, which reduces access time and increase the number of stored information. And realized RS-232 port.

1984-Improved keyboard and the radiator in the power supply that had some problems.
1985-Sinclair Spectrum 64K. With sales not fired, because expecting better design.
Early 1986 - Sinclair Spectrum 128K. It introduced a new operating system to toggle between 48 and 128 K memory, as well as having built a calculator and a good visual editor Basic 'but.
Mid-1986 - Sinclair Research Ltd is bankrupt. All rights Spectrum buys Amstrad.
End-1986 Released Amstrad Spectrum 2. It was built at the 128 th and Amstrad CPC464. It was built recorder, and a new set of chips that caused big problems with iron and software.
1987-Amstrad Spectrum 3. This was the same two, but had the drive and built a new version of Basic 'with a DOS command. All still have the problem of compatibility, and most of them have arisen because of poor connectivity sound chip, frustrating RS232.
1988-Amstrad Spectrum 2 A. In fact, a model with two of the three ROM.
End - 1988 Amstrad ceased production of all models Spectrum.
1992-New Spectrum emulators' but.
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