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In the 1999th year from Sega DreamCast was the most powerful gaming system in the world, being the first representative of the new 128-bit era prefixes. No PlayStation or Nintendo 64 could not match the DreamCast, which in addition to high performance has Windows from Microsoft, and was able to access the internet. At this time, there is a first rumours of the future of Consoles Sony and Nintendo. But instead of the new generation PlayStation public PSone show is a smaller version of the original PlayStation c identical characteristics. But snatches of information is still leaking into the press and the Internet, Sony is obviously something. And the truth, in September the world demonstrate a prototype of the future PlayStation 2. And, unlike DreamCast, Ken Kutaragi new console (PlayStation creator) is a multimedia centre : dvd player, audio player, the possibility of a network + full compatibility with all games from the original PlayStation. All this is taking place almost simultaneously with the official announcement of Nintendo on the development of its new prefixes, code named "Dolphin", which was created in conjunction with companies Matsushita, IBM, NEC, ArtX, Conexant, Macronix, MoSys, S3, Applied Microsystems, Factor 5 and Metrowerks. Finally, Nintendo refused to format cartridges and moved to disks, but unlike the PS2, which used dvd, Dolphin worked with the special 8-see discs that contain up to 1.5 GB of information. Nintendo insisted that the new console is the only game system, it will not support dvd best companies focus on the establishment of full-fledged gaming system.

So, in a new century three companies engaged in the struggle for dominance in the gaming market : Sega, Sony and Nintendo. PlayStation 2 has been on sale 4th Mar 2000-XX, sputstvoval success of the new console from Sony in the first few days. But suddenly unexpected news comes from America ...
10th March at the Game Developers Conference in California, Microsoft has announced the creation of their own game! The new console is a true multimedia centre with poderzhkoy dvd, the possibility of going on the Internet and beyond the power of a new console Sony. This is an unexpected turn of events led many to think, especially after the demonstration Consoles, which was named twice. The building its first game platform, which was to be perfect in all respects, Microsoft has spent a lot of money. As a result, powerful CPU Pentium 3733 MHz has been developed by Intel for graphics-based video GeForce 250 MHz, with the nVidia. Plus has 64 mb of RAM, as the media used in hard disk drive 8, dvd discs (4-speed transmission Dvd-), and a memory card for the conservation status of the game at 8 mb. Fitted with a network adapter, console allows access the Internet and use the network, Microsoft developed special for their offspring, X-Box Live. Later, the majority of games released for the console will support it this service to the game on the network.

Distance has built four slots for joysticks, which in addition to its core functions, could serve to connect the various options and associations to use among themselves. Joystick X-Box requires a description, since a very ingenious solution in this area. Initially attracted the attention of two analog knobs located in two opposite corners. On the left side of a standard digital cross and one analog handles arranged so that the distance between them and the finger was the same, that you can always easy to switch from one type of government to another. Right located six buttons : A, B, X, Y and 2 additional. All the buttons work in the analog mode. Middle crossing between analog and right hands are standard keys and Select Start. At its rear side of the joystick are two USB ports to connect memory cards and other devices.

November 2001st year was marked by two major events in the game industry : Sega officially ends support for its DreamCast, and the 15th November X-Box appears in the sale. Microsoft has launched an ambitious marketing campaign, the first copies of a new Consoles buyers received directly from the hands of Bill Gates. Nothing can stop this invasion, even the fact that the first batch of consoles were defective. Interestingly, with absolute success in America, twice failed in Japan. Gamers east, as proivzoditeli games prefer PS2 and Game Cube. With regard to competition, if the PS2 and XBox are now at similar levels rated sales, the Game Cube apparently loses both. All public polls show that in 50% of cases Consoles Sony and Microsoft used primarily as a dvd player, and then as the game console. Console Nintendo came from the sale of the 5th November 2001, which made it to the XBox GameCube forums in 10 days. But the temptation to satisfy the Microsoft game was so great that only Sony has been able to retain its position, and then suffered some losses.
At the time of writing this article (March 28, 2005) Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have already announced their prefixes for the next generation in the annual exhibition game E3 2005, so that soon we will know the whole truth about X-Box 2, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution .
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