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All of us were once children. All we once driven by machines, built the castle of sand and hard battle with toy soldiers. Once long ago (and, yet, so recently) us for the ears could not be Nugent from the windows, if it prizyvno green lights, going around some beautiful locomotive. We are terribly afraid of darkness, but all risk can be avoided by hiding for Mom. Then we lived in the universe Dobra, our sales were fairy-tale heroes, and all life's problems can be solved by describing their father. Previously, everything was so easy, once everything was in Turkmenistan, and life lasted only from dawn till dusk, all our plans are limited to the duration of the day. Yes, and then we did not realize that this two-week or 10 days. But then it was all so easy ...

And then the game was simple. Skeptics and cynics might add that, allegedly, and the star of the sun brighter, the sky was pigeon ... We talk about interesting game, which has long enjoyed the adoration of millions of players around the world. Yes, you correctly guessed, I am about it, the Nintendo (friends, so it called in the states), the Famicom (the Japanese name attached to it), the Dendy (baby elephant, the name and logo created by the company, distributed console inside Russia), in the end, just about NES.

NES, known to us under the brand "Dendy, can rightfully be the most popular game system. Indeed, in the long run, this is the history of video games began platforms. Acceptable appeared in Japan in 1982, then was represented worldwide in 1984. Firstly, we need a picture of video games market at that time. Since the first machine After Burner's been almost five years. By that time, games rooms have become routine, and machines with games Defender and Galaxian, and Guruin Bubble can be found in any Toluca, in any theater. There is no such thing as a game console, but has not yet exist. And nobody even could not imagine that one day it will be the home game machine.

Nintendo Company of Japan had already had some experience in video production. At a Consoles lasted about a year. Now, Pasofami (the Japanese name for NES) was on the court playing public. The public is, to put it mildly, a few Fade. And then the boom is the product NES. Prefixes apart worldwide giant party developers from around the world signed a contract with Nintendo to produce their games console, and users ... Users were on the seventh heaven of happiness, sitting at the television as Sticky, played in everything, happiness hero Mario (the platform) and praised the firm Nintendo. And it was praised for that - that the success of the video is not sought. Literate advertising policy, to take care of user and much produced games have done their job-NES has broken all records for sales and for the moment, even in the face of the new 64-bit platforms, is still a record for the number of copies sold.
Acceptable officially completed her journey through life in the early 90-s (unofficially it is sold in any video shop, and the pirates of the friendly China still klepayut games under "Dendy). In its long history it is reprinted under the weight of names (including very much like a "frank clones SYUBOR", "Quenga" or Ufa), nor a huge fleet of accessories (most of them never came to us, but as you say, the stand for legs, which must run on the spot, created specifically for the Games' 3D-Runner; or a robot that holds the handheld joystick : you drive by the robot, and he presses the button joystick?) and has at its disposal the largest library video games. Truly great console, Nintendo has brought worldwide fame.

Finally I can only give a few interesting facts. For example, do you know that the NES has more than 3,000 official (!) Games from more than 100 third-party developers. Penalties also have falsified numbers. For example, most of the pirated faytingov (Tekken 2, Mortal Kombat 5, etc.) klepayutsya through the same game Street Fighter 2. Pirates simply pererisovyvayut figures of the characters, and is produced from Ken-Reptiliya. Out of interesting : In Japan there was a special version to begin working on the standard pyatidyuymovyh diskette. Also in Japan, could subscribe to electronic games on television channel, and playing without a cartridge, which has a special attachment to the way television antenna. It is not uniform ...
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