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Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super NES or SNES) was developed in the 90 years of Nintendo and success in the markets of Europe and the United States.

In 1988, Nintendo is not interested in releasing a new console when their competitor SEGA announced the issuance of a new 16 bit system in 1988. However, managers noticed that Nintendo Genesis captures market in North America, thanks to the large library of sports games, arcade translation and advanced architecture console.

Hiroshi Yamauchi directed design of the new console Masayuki Uemura. NES originally planned as a 16-bit console, but at that time the technology was very expensive, and therefore it is 8-bit. With cheaper technology Nintendo has been able to produce a 16-bit console.

Processor SNES was much slower than the Megadrive, but the graphics subsystem was much stronger. It supported 32,000 colors, 256 of which were displayed simultaneously on the screen, and have hardware features like turn, transparency, zuming etc.

Later developed chips FX and FX-1 - 2, allowing rendering of three-dimensional objects in the game. FX and FX-1 - 2 GHz chips raised Consoles to 10.5 and 21 MHz respectively.

Birthday Super Nintendo Nov. 21, 1990. In the United States, SNES came on September 1, 1991 and cost $ 200. Acceptable komplektovalas two joysticks and game Super Mario World. PAL version appeared in Britain in April 1992, in Germany it is two weeks later.

Internally Consoles were only of withdrawal, depending on the television standard adopted in the country. Many Australian video game came from Europe, because both the region using PAL system.

Release Super Nintendo was associated with some difficulties. First new console is not supported NES cartridges, and the NES was quite popular system. Secondly raskrutila SEGA Genesis around several brands, including Sonika. Sonic was the flagship marketing Genesis, many chose instead Sonika Mario simply because "klevosti factor." Thirdly Genesis was cheaper at $ 50.

But thanks to the successful architecture Consoles, stylish design and raskruchennym names such as Super Mario SNES became popular in the early to mid 90's.

And in the end console sold twice successfully main competitor Genesis.

Play for SNES was more of the attachments were a few exclusive games, which at that time recognized among the best. It also has many well-selling (and still expensive) RPG like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. Some games have been improved and moved from the NES, such as Super Mario All Stars.

In October 1997, resigned redesign Super Nintendo. It became easier and cost $ 99.99, was aimed at a small number of sales in the twilight of 16-bit technology. Around the world, has sold nearly 46 million prefixes.

Super Nintendo was filled by the new Nintendo 64 console. Many successful games have been translated into Game Boy Advance, as it had similar characteristics.

Later, sometime in 1999 to market 16-bit prefixes stops increasing market for used cartridges, and to use emulation on the PC. Nintendo opposed emulation, but left to fight them. Many argue that emulation is the only option. Cartridges of output, the secondary market becomes poorer, cartridges, in the end, out of service
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